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Sandra Basic-Malinowski certified STOTT Pilates instructor


At Better Human Pilates LLC we use STOTT Pilates therapeutic method of training to help you improve your function. We focus on the root cause of your movement disfunction and/or pain. Our goal is to get you back to an active and healthy life style of your choice. We work with all types of clients, with focus on athletic injuries whether you are a college athlete or an adult looking to maintain an active lifestyle.

Better Human Pilates client assessment

We believe in the power of assessment prior to start of any training/practice, and in this case Pilates practice. We assess, reassess, reevaluate, and communicate with you if the plan you are on is producing results you are looking for.  All in the effort to help you live your best active life, be your best active you.

Assess. Assess. Assess.


High school Tennis Coach

“Sandra has an incredible eye. She can spot weak links in your movement and on top of that has the skills and creativity to design your training to address your specific issues. 

I found her especially adept at training shoulders. Sandra also taught me how to move my rib cage in movements like sit-ups - something I previously didn’t have the body awareness to do. The work I did with Sandra translated in a significant way to my ability to move in tennis and in daily life. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking healing.”



Sandra helped me isolate and address my issues one by one.  As a result my pain greatly decreased and my sports performance increased.  


Pilates aficionado

Sandra is an amazing instructor and person! She has a unique ability to see your compensations and weaknesses and develop and motivate you to work and make progress. She loves what she does and I feel fortunate to work with her.

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