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A Little Bit About Me

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves - Albert Einstein

I teach STOTT Pilates method of exercise to groups and individuals. I am certified in mat, reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrels.  A student at heart, I am still growing, deepening my knowledge and understanding of the work of mysterious Joseph Pilates. I love working with all types of clients, and continue to study and refine my interests through courses and workshops of Master/Lead instructor trainers, instructor trainers, body workers, and fellow instructors that continue to inspire me. My love for STOTT method grew the more I learned about the importance of pelvic and scapular/shoulder stabilization, as well as out of personal injury to the shoulder from a biking accident, and a hip out of alignment from birth. It has changed my approach to exercise, and even life. With STOTT intelligent approach, and my solution based style of practice I focus on recovery and improvement of functionality, so you can be fit for life - not just a marathon, a bike race or that fundraiser walk you really want to do. Combining practical and theoretical knowledge of (post) rehab or athletic injuries and conditioning, sprinkled with fun :), I will safely teach you the Pilates way of movement through life.  Join me on this amazing journey!


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