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Sandra Basic-Malinowski
Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor
Level 1 and Level 2
Injuries and Special Populations

Giff image of Sandra Basic-Malinowski performing a teaser.

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves - Albert Einstein

Sandra uses STOTT Pilates method focusing on Injuries and Athletic Conditioning. A student at heart, Sandra is still growing, deepening her knowledge and understanding of the work of mysterious Joseph Pilates. Sandra works with all types of clients, and especially those recovering from injuries, especially athletic injuries. She continues to study and refine her understanding of the root cause of movement disfunction through courses, workshops, seminars, lectures, and books.

Sandra is inspired by Master/Lead instructor trainers such as Melanie-Byford Young, the brain behind the STOTT Pilates post- rehabilitation/therapeutic program, as well as instructor trainers such as Leah Bueno, STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer (a colleague, mentor, friend and always an inspiration), Ineke Madsen-Rush, STOTT Pilates Lead Instructor Trainer, a colleague and a mentor, Christy Quinn, STOTT Pilates Lead Instructor Trainer, fellow instructors, and body workers who continue to inspire her to develop her own style of teaching and voice.

Sandra's love for STOTT Pilates method grew the more she learned about the importance of pelvic and scapular/shoulder stabilization. Pilates training awoke her love of movement, human anatomy, and gymnastics she readily engaged in at early age. Pilates mindful and intelligent approach to movement helped Sandra recover from athletic injuries to both shoulders.

With STOTT Pilates intelligent approach to exercise, and Sandra's solution based style of practice together you will discover the root cause of your movement disfunction and pain, so you can be fit for life - not just a marathon, a bike race or that fundraiser walk you really want to do. Combining practical and theoretical knowledge of (post) rehab, athletic injuries and conditioning, sprinkled with fun, Sandra will safely teach you the Pilates way of movement through life. 

Join her on this amazing journey!

Portrait image of Sandra Basic-Malinowski, owner of Better Human Pilates LLC
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