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Training From The Inside Out

 A *60 day Pilates training program as unique as you are that will take your body and mind to a new level of awareness and ability.

Suzanne - former competitive rower, and new Pilates aficionado

How I can help you

I am a functional movement specialist with education in injuries and special populations who uses Pilates method to help you improve the quality of your life.

Functional movements are those that use "real world" situational movements using multiple joints and multiple planes of movement challenging the body as a whole - core, local stabilizers, global stabilizers and global mobilizers muscle groups. The Pilates method of training was founded on these principles, and it is an ideal form of training the body from the inside out.


My goal is improving your form and function through better alignment and correct movement patterns designed for your body.


I use science as the foundation to help you understand why you have restrictions, how to improve them, work with them, and/or find movement in  new ways, previously unavailable to you. Together we will make lasting positive changes and improve health and longevity of your body.

Whether you are a competitive athlete, your job demands it, or you simply need time to yourself to restore and recharge from a busy week I will work with you. I will teach you how to move better by improving your movement efficiency so you can continue doing what you love - better.



Working together

We will design a workout that best suits your needs and meets your goals. I will be with you, coaching you through the workouts, and/or making modifications so you can safely find movement in your body and return to activities of your choice with more awareness, control, strength and ability. I will work with you only if I am certain I can help you.


Your plan will include:


workout videos tailored for your body:

customized for client's needs, wants and time constraints to 1-3/week


sandra's expert guidance to improve your alignment and form:

one-on-one private sessions customized per client to 1-3/week


4 control videos: exercises picked to challenge and improve your strength, flexibility and endurance


weekly chats with Sandra if you hit snags along the way


a "finished product" short movie clip of your progress

*Pricing$80/one-on-one session; $75-$150 personalized videos (price depends on the length of the video)

** Follow-up sessions at a discounted rate are highly recommended after you complete your program. You can choose a monthly or bi-monthly intervals to keep up your form and function.

*** This coaching plan can be tailored to your busy schedule for online only, or a combination of online and in person training.

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